Well hey there! Welcome to the blog! ^_^

As you may have guessed, I am the Mother-Unit 2000 in this here family. Wifey to JBot and mum to G-Man and Trex. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of these dorks and I feel grateful everyday to know and love them.

When we were throwing around this blog idea with G-Man he got very excited as we talked about what we might post. JBot had already started working on his Halloween movie project. We had suggested that G-Man write a review of his new Lego Dimensions game. And G-Man was like, “And Mom, you can write about house stuff!”


Just a reminder from the perspective of a kid, no matter how intellectually active and cool you think you might be, if your main job consists primarily of cooking and cleaning you are the one who does “house stuff.” Which is incredibly boring compared to all of the exciting things that a kid gets up to in a day.

As a friend or family member to us, you know that I have been home full-time since G-Man was born. Making housework and child-rearing tolerable, let alone fun, has been my main challenge for almost a decade now.

So yes, I will probably talk about “house stuff.” What I won’t talk about too much after today is what I consider to be the gender politics of the issue. Claiming the mantle of “radical homemaker” is a feminist statement for me, and to be honest, what has brought me happiness over the past nine years. I am also happy that I have so many more of the domestic arts to accomplish in the future!

What I will probably talk about is how being a homemaker is helping us prepare for our big trip. Living in a more affordable community was a big reason for our recent move to the Niagara region. Not only do we now have a yard in which we can grow our own food, but we also have a basement and room for a big chest freezer and bulk item storage. Living in a tiny condo in Toronto just didn’t allow for that level of thriftiness.

Speaking of Niagara, this region is completely new for us. We haven’t lived in this part of Ontario before and we’re excited to explore it! I plan on blogging about the hiking trails that we have found, the local history that I have been learning about, and, of course, the food!

Until then, I leave you with a little message from Carol Channing and the “Free to Be You and Me” album: