We moved to the Niagara region a few months ago and in that time we’ve done our best to get out there and explore!

One of the things that we like to do as a family activity is hiking. Lucky for us there are a bunch of places to go hiking and, thanks to the Niagara escarpment, they all are very different from each other.

Probably the most well-known hiking trail in the Niagara region is the Bruce Trail. The Bruce has a trailhead in Queenston and follows the escarpment all the way north to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. Personally, I would love to hike the whole trail! I’ve heard that the B&Bs around the north end transport your bags for you, so you can just hike from stop to stop without the extra weight. That would be sweet!

We came across the Bruce when we were hiking at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. Ball’s Falls is an easy hike for young kids. There are remains of an old mill along the path that is rather exciting to scramble around. There are some old-timey buildings to explore (similar to Black Creek Pioneer Village or Upper Canada Village but without the actors).

Short Hills Provincial Park was a lot of fun to hike. It is quite big and we have only explored a few trails so far. It also benefits from being rather close to Henry of Pelham. Pick up some wine on the way home!

The absolute best hiking experience so far for all of us has been the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. What fun! You have to climb down some rather terrifyingly high stairs to get to the bottom of the giant gorge of the mighty Niagara river. Then you can hike through some pretty woods and, if you want a challenge (we do!), you can hike over and under and through lots of giant boulders that are close to the river’s edge. It had that sweet taste of danger. We felt like hobbits going on a grand adventure.