After having a second conversation with someone about how the world is getting worse and people are getting crazier, I was happy to come across this opinion piece in the New York Times.

It’s a great read and hopefully shows that the future isn’t just doom and gloom.  Check out the stats:

  • The number of extremely poor people (defined as those earning less than $1 or $1.25 a day, depending on who’s counting) rose inexorably until the middle of the 20th century, then roughly stabilized for a few decades. Since the 1990s, the number of poor has plummeted.
  • In 1990, more than 12 million children died before the age of 5; this toll has since dropped by more than half.
  • More kids than ever are becoming educated, especially girls. In the 1980s, only half of girls in developing countries completed elementary school; now, 80 percent do.

Then, of course, I think of Donald Trump and shudder…