People often ask us about the cost of travelling the world, especially as a family of four.   Since we’re thinking 8-10 months of travel time, that must be really expensive right?  I mean, it costs thousands just to take a trip to Disneyland for a week, so how can we afford to be away for months?

Well, it’s actually not as bad as you think.  Obviously, if we’re going to be going to expensive parts of the world and going to expensive theme parks (U.S. and Disney, in this example), there’d be no way we could do it.  But, most of the world isn’t like that — though sometimes travel agencies will make you think otherwise.  Remember, we’ll be travelling to countries where the average monthly wage is $100-200, so why shouldn’t we be able to do it for something similar?

How much does it typically cost to live in our home for a month?  Let’s say it’s about $4000 for accommodations, food, entertainment, utilities, transportation (gas, etc.) and so forth.  Other families seem to have travelled for far less than that:

What do they have in common?  Going slow, being prepared and knowing when to make sacrifices.

We’re estimating that our travel will be about $60,000 ($6,000 a month) since we’ll be doing more flying than the above families.  Though, to be frank, we haven’t done the nuts and bolts of the costs yet since it’s still some time away…  Hopefully the Canadian dollar is doing a little better by then, though, otherwise our costs are going up!

Now, for a nice (albeit quickly edited) around-the-world video posted a few weeks ago: