Month: January 2016

The Cave We Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure We Seek


“Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for. The damned thing in the cave, that was so dreaded, has become the center.” — Joseph Campbell

(“Lummelundagrottans mynning inifran” by Carl von Blixen)

Gender and the Normalcy of Violence

Listening and watching the news this month has been causing me to try to wrap my head around some issues that are too big for me. I don’t see an easy solution, I just see continued conflict and violence as cultures clash.

I’ve tried to put my thoughts into words but I am finding it too challenging. So I am just going to share a couple of resources that I have found recently and revisit this later.

Now, while this video by Dignity Without Borders doesn’t paint the most accurate or objective picture, I do think it helps shine a light on areas of thought in regards to the surge in violence against women that has been occurring in Europe:

And this video by Amer Albarzawi from a woman’s perspective:

And this recent interview with Gloria Steinem on the Charlie Rose show in which she recommends “Sex & World Peace” by Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmett:

New York Times – 52 Places to Go in 2016

JBot and I had a lot of fun with this gorgeous NYT travel article. See if you can guess the locations by just looking at the pictures.  I hardly got any! Ha!

Also, props for Toronto for getting # 7!


(Road of the Seven Lakes, Argentina. Danielle Villasana for The New York Times. via

RIP David “Bowie” Jones (1947 – 2016)

I’ve loved David Bowie since, pretty much ever. Labyrinth was one of my favourite movies as kid, the die-hard Henson fan that I was, and I certainly remember dancing around to David and Tina’s duet and his great poppy 80’s jams.

Enter my teen years, however, and Bowie becomes paramount. Central facet to my DNA, entwined with my undying love for Lou Reed and Kate Bush. The Ziggy Stardust album was anthematic. It was weird, different, sung by an outsider for outsiders and it rocked. Hunky Dory. Pin UpsBrian Eno albums for when you are moody and walking alone in dark cities. And then he did collaborations with Trent Reznor?! Oh my heavens, his modern work was so spectacular.

Besides a life filled with amazing, unarguably influential work, that Bowie chose to consciously spend his end days making art feels like what I respect him the most for.

That we all may be so bold in life and in our deaths.


No Excuses!

If I had a dime for each person who told me that they wanted to go back to school and learn something specific, but couldn’t because of the apparent cost, I’d have a whopping 95 cents on me (counting the nickels and dimes that were already in my pocket).  Well, now you don’t have an excuse.

The No Excuse List ( gives you a variety of mostly free places on the web where you can learn almost anything that your heart desires.  The list includes categories ranging from cooking, art, music and languages.  Want to learn a particular topic in physics?  Head over to Khan Academy!  Want to learn Spanish?  Try Duolingo!  Or maybe you want to get into photography this year?  Then Cambridge in Colour might be your answer.  Check out the website and see what free things you could be learning right now.

We always complain that we don’t have enough time and money to learn new things.  Well, this solves the money problem.  What about time?  I dare you to try this out: at the end of each day for the next week, count the number of hours (in 15 minute increments) you spend watching TV, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, playing solo games, etc.  Now imagine taking that time and converting it to learning a new language or other awesome life skill?  Who knows, if you set your schedule a little better and cut out digital distractions, by the end of the year you could be speaking nearly fluent Italian or making beautiful art in Photoshop!

What are you going to learn this year?




Travel as Advertising, Advertising as Social Responsibility

I am going to admit that I had no idea who Casey Neistat was until a few weeks ago..

Evidently, he is a huge YouTube celebrity/media personality/artist/triathlete/app creator/ad maker?! I found out about him via Jake Roper (from Vsauce3) as Casey visited him while in the hospital and brought him a giant taco pinata.

I wanted to share two of his videos here on the blog as I think they are applicable to our travel plans.

The first, as stated at the beginning of the video, was made with money from Nike to make an ad. Casey “went rogue” and used the money to travel the world instead. Around the world in ten days!

The second video is in a similar vein but with a much different outcome. Casey was approached to make a video as part of the promotional budget for the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This was just after a devastating tsunami in the Philippines and so instead Casey used the budget to provide relief in food and supply items as a humanitarian effort.

Ball’s Falls

It’s been a busy few weeks (obviously), so I’ll just quickly share this nice little video of a drone flying over the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area in Ontario, Canada.  It’s a beautiful hike, indeed.

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