Month: February 2016

Smarter Every Day – Jungle Pilots

Destin at Smarter Every Day makes some of the best videos on Youtube. My son and I are big fans. If you haven’t seen the amazing toilet swirl videos that he did with Veritasium, CHECK IT OUT!

Destin’s newest video is about using your skills as a super power for good, in this case, pilot skills. This comes from this year’s Letter from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A fascinating video about flying to remote areas to help deliver aid:


Travel Gear: Lady Stuff

I don’t think our trip will be quite the same as lengthy field work per se, however, I love Emily’s Youtube show The Brain Scoop and I love the information that she shares here on menstruating while in remote places that lack fancy western toilet things and tap water:


Run, Baby, Run!

Okay, not necessarily specific to travelling the world, but I thought it was a fun video that’s somewhat related to this blog — below is a 3D printed animation created 100% in camera, on location, with no green-screen or digital trickery involved.  Filmmaker Eran Amir makes a 3D printed baby run over water and sand on a beach, a main street in a small town, through the avenues of a city, over a bridge and through a market. The entire thing was created on-location in three months.  Amir also has a making-of video to show how the running effect was created.

Spine of the South

Here’s a destination for our travel wish list — the longest mountain range in the world, The Andes.  Below is a beautiful time lapse video by photographer Eric Hanson. Hanson took hundreds of thousands of photos during his seven month trip along South America’s Andean spine, capturing some awe-inspiring skies and landscapes from Ecuador to Patagonia.

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