A Quick Revisit to Horror Themes

As JBot has proven in his Horror Film Series that he posted last October, he is the horror movie expert in this house. Personally, I absolutely love watching movies with JBot but am… well… an easy target for jump scares. And I am a proud feminist. And I am absolutely terrified of clowns and possessed dolls.

So, when JBot wants to watch The Conjuring I quickly find something else to do.

Far, far away.

I’ve paid my dues in the early years of our relationship, JBot caught me up on many classic 80’s slasher movies and foreign cult classics. However, if the kids are asleep and we feel like watching a flick, I will happily watch a horror movie if it is funny — TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL!! CABIN IN THE WOODS!! or its representation of women is somewhere in the twenty-first century. Hush was a sweet scary movie to watch. I’m not sure if it fits the trope of The Final Girl but it was definitely suspenseful and intelligent.


If It Were My Home


Patti Smith & PBS

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  1. Jbot

    Without spoiling anything more, I guess you can argue that it follows the Final Girl trope even if the story is just about her own struggles (hits the right points of the trope: female, resourceful, “virginal”, etc.). Absolutely nails the Home Invasion genre, though.

    Since we’re talking horror, here’s a nice look back at the Satanic Panic I mentioned briefly in my October posts: http://www.retroreport.org/video/dd-lessons-from-a-media-panic/

    (Here’s my original post referencing it: http://www.havingfunrightnow.com/2015/10/16/horror-movies-supernatural/)

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