Another Family Has Gone RTW

From time to time, I like to look out into the vast arrays of the world wide web (do the kids still call it that?) and see who else might be planning their round the world (RTW) trips.  One family has a blog up at where they are cataloging their adventure that has only begun a scant few months ago.  I’m curious as to why they picked the itinerary they did – it appears that they’re going around the world twice – and how that works out for them.  If you’re curious, their first blog post related to their “test” departure is here and it shows that things can get in the way of your best laid plans.

I’ll definitely be keeping up with this blog and watching how their trip unfolds.  Blogs like that one are definitely a great motivator and planning aide for our trip in a few years.



Travel Idea: “The Six Forgotten Giants,” Copenhagen


Crossing the Pacific by Freighter


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the mention! We’re just landed in Sydney after spending the last 6 weeks touring Oz. Having a great time, but definitely some challenges along the way that I wasn’t expecting. Cheers, Dan

    • I’m definitely jealous that you’re already on the trip and exploring a part of the world I’m dying to see. Our trip isn’t for three years, but we definitely know there will be challenges… We just hope we can prepare for most of them. I truly hope the best for you and your family!

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