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PJ Harvey – Community of Hope

RIP David “Bowie” Jones (1947 – 2016)

I’ve loved David Bowie since, pretty much ever. Labyrinth was one of my favourite movies as kid, the die-hard Henson fan that I was, and I certainly remember dancing around to David and Tina’s duet and his great poppy 80’s jams.

Enter my teen years, however, and Bowie becomes paramount. Central facet to my DNA, entwined with my undying love for Lou Reed and Kate Bush. The Ziggy Stardust album was anthematic. It was weird, different, sung by an outsider for outsiders and it rocked. Hunky Dory. Pin UpsBrian Eno albums for when you are moody and walking alone in dark cities. And then he did collaborations with Trent Reznor?! Oh my heavens, his modern work was so spectacular.

Besides a life filled with amazing, unarguably influential work, that Bowie chose to consciously spend his end days making art feels like what I respect him the most for.

That we all may be so bold in life and in our deaths.


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