I am going to admit that I had no idea who Casey Neistat was until a few weeks ago..

Evidently, he is a huge YouTube celebrity/media personality/artist/triathlete/app creator/ad maker?! I found out about him via Jake Roper (from Vsauce3) as Casey visited him while in the hospital and brought him a giant taco pinata.

I wanted to share two of his videos here on the blog as I think they are applicable to our travel plans.

The first, as stated at the beginning of the video, was made with money from Nike to make an ad. Casey “went rogue” and used the money to travel the world instead. Around the world in ten days!



The second video is in a similar vein but with a much different outcome. Casey was approached to make a video as part of the promotional budget for the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This was just after a devastating tsunami in the Philippines and so instead Casey used the budget to provide relief in food and supply items as a humanitarian effort.