I’ve been quiet on the blog as I finished up my last assignments for university and enjoyed these first sweet days of holidays with the kids. Now I feel the need for quiet due to the heart-breaking discord in the United States. As Canadians, we are not innocent of these issues but if we didn’t read the news we would not be faced with them on a daily basis. Our children certainly have much more in common with Royce Mann, this fourteen-year-old poet who speaks eloquently about “White Boy Privilege:”

My hope is that we are raising our children to be conscience of their privilege and the inequality that we benefit from. Our family plan is use the experience of travel as a means to educate the children on the commonality of all global citizens and to find ways that we can change the conditions of inequality.

One of G-Man’s favourite Youtubers is Vi Hart. She primarily vlogs about mathematics and music but the following video about Black Lives Matter is a greater visual primer for children old enough to want to understand: