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1 Second Every Day

Here’s a different take on the round-the-world video.  In this one, a couple spends six months travelling the U.S., Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and England.  The difference is that they filmed their adventure one second every day for six months which makes the jumps between shots both jarring and interesting at the same time.  It’s neat to see how much their travel changes in a matter of seconds.  Most of those countries are places we’ll be visiting, and some of the shots in the video are definitely things we want to do!

HISHE Kids – Scooby-Doo Adventure

TRex loves this one:

Jbot Ninja Edit: HISHE stands for How It Should Have Ended, an excellent webseries that pokes fun at the endings of some of the most popular movies and considers alternative endings that are downright hilarious.  With just over four million subscribers watching their regular shorts, it’s definitely one of YouTube’s most popular web series.  T-Rex and G-man are big fans, especially of the HISHE Kids episodes.  Why?  Because I’m Batman!

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