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Retired Grandparents Ditch Mortgage for Life at Sea

A fun little video from Alternative Living Spaces (Season 6, Episode 12).  This is one heck of a way to enjoy your retirement.


Perseid Meteor Shower

2016 has lined up to be some of the best meteor shower viewing in the last twenty years! I am very excited about this because the kids and I are in a “green zone” in the Dark Map right now and should be able to see a great show.

The Dark Map looks like this. (It is a bit sad to see how much light pollution there is. Especially sad for all of the kids who live in urban centres and rarely get a chance to see the night sky.)

I am also looking forward to our trip around the world for star-gazing. Seeing the southern hemisphere constellations, maybe the northern or southern lights, the band of the Milky Way Galaxy, or just an incredible amount of stars when we are in a proper dark zone. So cool!

Perseids Meteor Shower – A Magical Night in Joshua Tree from Kai Gradert on Vimeo.

Perseids Meteor Shower – A Magical Night in Joshua Tree from Kai Gradert on Vimeo.


Vox also has a great link round-up, including NASA’s livefeed.

“The Human Family” – Maya Angelou

I pricked up my ears during the Olympics this weekend upon hearing the lovely voice of Maya Angelou. Her voice is so majestic/powerful/confident/amazeballs.  Sorry for the Apple advertising, but her poem about the diversity of humanity rocks:

Norway’s Fjords

If a little bit of beautiful calm is what you need in your day, then this video could be just the answer.  I’m not sure if we’ll make it to Norway during our RTW trip (considering the cost), but it would be a wonderful way to finish the trip before coming home…

How to Travel With a Baby

Funny video from New Zealand Youtube channel “How to Dad” (via Laughing Squid):

Race & Privilege

I’ve been quiet on the blog as I finished up my last assignments for university and enjoyed these first sweet days of holidays with the kids. Now I feel the need for quiet due to the heart-breaking discord in the United States. As Canadians, we are not innocent of these issues but if we didn’t read the news we would not be faced with them on a daily basis. Our children certainly have much more in common with Royce Mann, this fourteen-year-old poet who speaks eloquently about “White Boy Privilege:”

My hope is that we are raising our children to be conscience of their privilege and the inequality that we benefit from. Our family plan is use the experience of travel as a means to educate the children on the commonality of all global citizens and to find ways that we can change the conditions of inequality.

One of G-Man’s favourite Youtubers is Vi Hart. She primarily vlogs about mathematics and music but the following video about Black Lives Matter is a greater visual primer for children old enough to want to understand:


1 Second Every Day

Here’s a different take on the round-the-world video.  In this one, a couple spends six months travelling the U.S., Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and England.  The difference is that they filmed their adventure one second every day for six months which makes the jumps between shots both jarring and interesting at the same time.  It’s neat to see how much their travel changes in a matter of seconds.  Most of those countries are places we’ll be visiting, and some of the shots in the video are definitely things we want to do!

Inspirational Travel Video

I love watching these videos since it gives me a sense of what my family will be encountering during our round-the-world trip.  This one is of a couple that travelled to 17 countries in a single year.  Have a look and be inspired!

It’s Breakfast Time!

PJ Harvey – Community of Hope

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